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MagicEar® is proud to introduce ANGEL™. ANGEL is an acronym for A New Generation of Enhanced Listening. ANGEL incorporates the latest styles and technology in hearing aid design. Its unique design allows the user to wear the device either based on the newest “Open Fit” hearing technology, or with the traditional Ear Hook for custom ear molds. Angel was designed as a cost effective way to fulfill the needs of individuals that have a mild to moderate hearing impairment.

Advanced “Open Fit” Technology
Open Fit technology incorporates the use of an invisible mini-tube. This allows hearing loss to be discreetly catered to with optimal performance without occlusion.

Ear Hook Adaptability
The ANGEL™ series can easily be changed from the Open Fit tubing to a traditional Ear Hook.

Integrated Circuit (IC)
MagicEar hearing products contain a microelectronic computer circuit incorporated into a IC chip. Our ANGEL series features a Linear / AGC-O hybrid.

User Adjustable Controls
Available with user adjustable volume and tone controls.

Fitting Tips
Each instrument comes with a variety of fitting tips to accommodate all ear sizes and listening requirements from open to fully closed fittings.

Enhanced Sound Quality with Paramagnetic Technology
ANGEL™ incorporates a new Paramagnetic Technology. Research suggests this technology offers a level of protection from EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies) 1. This may increase sound quality and enhance the user’s listening experience. EMF’s are emitted from cellular phones, Wi-Fi systems, computers, microwave ovens, TV’s, and many other electrical products. 1. Dr. Glen Rein. 2006 Published Report, Acupuncture and Electro Therapeutic Research Journal

Available in beige, dark grey, light grey, blonde, brunette and auburn to discreetly blend with hair color. Custom colors also available.



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For markets without professional services. Customers can test the quality of their hearing by administering a self evaluation. Learn more